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Suihua University

Suihua University, with a history of more than 60 years, was founded in 1953. In 1971,Suihua RegionNormal School was established on the basis of the original Suihua Normal School. In 1978, Suihua Teachers College was established. In 2004, Suihua Unviersity was established with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

Suihua University has a variety of disciplines. Currently, there are 12 schools (departments) and 41 undergraduate specialties, covering eight disciplines, including pedagogy, literature, science, engineering, agronomy, economics, management, and art. There are 11,409 full-time undergraduatesand42 foreign students.

Suihua Universitypossesses anexcellentteaching staff.The total number of faculty members and staff is 821, of whom 522 are full-time teachers, 517 doctoralor master’sdegreeteachers, and 7 foreign teachers.

Suihua University is well equipped. It covers an area of 400,000 square meters, with a total floor space of more than 222,400 square meters. The total value of teaching equipment is 115 million yuan. The university library boasts a collection of 1.01 million volumes.

The teaching quality is excellent here. “SocialCommitment andInnovativeApplicationtoReality” is the motto of Suihua University. In order to cultivate high-quality teachers, Suihua University has formed its owntalent-cultivatingfeatures of“Five-Skill Practice and One Familiarity” and On-the-Job Practice Teaching, that is, instructing and helpingouruniversity studentsto practicefive basic teaching skills,writing with chalks and pens,teaching, drawing pictures, making teaching aids,andget familiar with the primary and secondary school textbooksand encouragingthemtoserve asvolunteersof teachers to do on-the-job teaching practice in rural schools of backward areas in order to enhance their teaching skills,accumulate their teaching experience,and help elevate the teaching quality of rural schools inbackwardareasof Heilongjiang Province.Suihua University boasts5 provincial-level quality courses, 2 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, and 2 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers.The university was approved tobe a construction unit of master’s degree authorization program in 2017.

Suihua University insists onbeing an open university, and has carried out the intercollegiate exchanges and cooperation and exchangedstudents with many foreign universities and educational institutions, including the National University of Pyatigorsk of Russia, the Amur State Universities of Humanities and Pedagogy of Russia, East Asia Institute of Japan, Kyushu Institute of Foreign Languages of Japan, Shinawatra University of Thailand, Roman Academy of Art of Italy, Naples Academy of Art of Italy, Douglas College of Canada, etc.

Our university has been making great efforts to develop special education, having the only special education undergraduate specialty in Heilongjiang Province, the basic laboratory of higher education for the disabled and the rehabilitation center of the combination of medicine and education. And our university is the training base of special education teachers and the director unit of the special education professional committee of the province. We offer higher education for the disabled and enroll hearing impaired students in computer science and technology, environmental design, E-commerce and other undergraduate specialties.

Our university actively serves the local development. We have built innovative bases for undergraduates with Suihua municipal government and successively carried out united construction projects with counties like Suiling , Wangkui and so on.

We collaborated with Suihua Food and Drug Administration to set up Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Center of Suihua University.TheEdible Fungus Research Institute has been established to promote the development of edible fungus industry in surrounding counties and cities. We also have the Pottery Institute and the Paper-Cut Art Studio, dedicated to the protection and inheritance of local intangible cultural heritage.

Our university has won the Special Award as well as the Second Prize for the National Excellent Teaching Achievements for Regular Colleges and Universities, and the titles of “NationalCivilization Unit”, “ProvincialCivilized Unit Model”, “ProvincialMay 1 Labor Award” and so on. And we also won the Second Prize for Outstanding Achievements in the Campus Culture Construction forRegularColleges and UniversitiesNationwide.