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School Leaders Visited Freshmen Enrolled in 2018

【来源: | 发布日期:2018-09-13 】

On the evening of September 2, President Zhang Fengwu and Vice President Sun Qingping, accompanied by Bai Jingjun, the Director of the Student Affairs Office, as well as comrades from the Department of Student Affairs, went into the dormitories of freshmen for a visit and a comprehensive understanding of their mentality and learning and living conditions.

In the dormitory, Zhang Fengwu and Sun Qingping inquired whether freshmen could adapt to the food and whether they could get used to life on campus. They also encouraged freshmen to learn to live independently, study hard and improve their ability to make their college life more exciting.

Zhang Fengwu and Sun Qingping are very concerned about the adaptation of hearing-impaired freshmen to the new environment. When they entered the dormitory of hearing-impaired freshmen, the deaf students took the initiative to form a circle and chat with the school leaders. President Zhang and Vice President Sun inquired with concern with the translation of sign language teachers. President Zhang also encouraged freshmen to study hard, help each other, learn more skills, and better serve the society in the future. During the visit, Zhang Fengwu and Sun Qingping also had a cordial talk with the parents waiting in the new dormitory. They introduced the basic situation and characteristics of our university and asked the parents to rest assured of their children’s study and life at our university. Parents also spoke highly of our university’s work in meeting the freshmen and management service.

Every time they come to a dormitory, President Zhang and President Sun communicate with students kindly, and remind everyone of the large temperature difference between morning and evening here, especially the students from southern areas, who should pay special attention to increase or decrease of clothes to prevent colds. They also suggest students care about each other, help each other, and treat the dormitory as their own home.