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Vice President Sun Qingping Gave a Lecture on University History for the-2018-year Freshmen

【来源: | 发布日期:2018-09-13 】

Vice President Sun Qingping gave a lecture on the history of our university for the-2018-year freshmen as the entrance education on September 5th in the gymnasium.

Sun Qingping introduced the four stages of school development and three levels of education since our school was founded in 1953, and explained the development of the school for 65 years during the speech. He particularly introduced school’s characteristics like “building exquisite teacher training programme, and attaching great importance to the cultivation of students’ practical ability”, like the talent cultivation mode which involves the combination of “five skills and familiarity of textbooks training” together with “relay style” on-the-job teaching practice as a teacher in backward areas. The achievements are also including special education, the practical education of five kinds of caring, researchbased on the local places, and service to the local places. And as for college students, reflections on college life should be done.

Sun Qingping hoped that students will have a sense of overall situation, dedication, image, planning, self-discipline and innovation during their college years. Students should be civilized, polite, strict to themselves, acceptable to others, consciously obey school rules and discipline. Students should carefully plantheir collegelifeand careers after their graduation, thinkoverand deal with problems with innovative ideas and unique methods. At the same time, students should lay a good foundation for their major, pay attention to extensive learning, strengthen practical exercise, and comprehensively improve their practical skills and comprehensive quality. Students are supposed to withstand the test of four-year college life, constantly to develop themselves, to enrich themselves, to improve themselves, to live up to the expectations and expectations of their relatives, teachers, and make more contributions to the development of the school and society.