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The School History Museum Moved Namely the Opening Ceremony of the New Museum was Held with Grandeur

【来源: | 发布日期:2018-09-13 】

On the morning of September 6, school history museum moved namely the opening ceremony of the new museum be held on the third floor of the south side of the special education building. Zhang Fengwu, Tian Jun and other school leaders, retired representative Xu Shengli, alumni of Suihua City leaders Yao Min, Wang Guogang, Sun Hanguo, Qu Xianrong, etc. attended the opening ceremony to witness the relocation of the new school history hall which representing the glorious history and cultural heritage of our school. Vice President Tian Jun hosted the opening ceremony.

President Zhang Fengwu delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and welcomed the arrival of old leaders, veteran comrades and previous alumni and expressed his gratitude to all the comrades who have worked hard for the construction of the school history museum and donated the physical objects. He expressed his gratitude to all the comrades who worked hard for the construction of the school history museum and donated the physical objects. He pointed out that school history is a true portrayal of the development of the school, an important carrier of the school's cultural heritage, a concentrated expression of the university spirit, and an indispensable important content of a mature university. He emphasized that history is the eternal support of culture and spirit and the inexhaustible driving force for the inheritance of the fire and going forward. He hopes that the teachers of the whole school will unswervingly implement Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, revolve around the fundamental tasks of taking high moral values establishment and people cultivation, and adhere to the school philosophy of “Strengthening the school with high teaching quality, characteristics and excellent talents”, adhering to the spirit of the college motto “Great virtue bears all things, apply learning to practical problems.” We should have the courage to take responsibility and distribute it and make new and greater contributions to the realization of the dream of the Suihua University's century-old school and the realization of the Chinese dream.

Alumnus Sun Hanguo expressed his congratulations to the opening of the alma mater's school history museum and the opening of the new building in his address. He said that the school history museum as a grand alma mater's glorious history, the accumulation of heavy culture and the symbol of modern civilization will surely be presented in front of the university students in a new look and have significant impact on the link between past and future and the flourish and grow of the university. As a student who came out of Suihua University, with the increase of age, the increase of experience, the development of career, and the progress of career, the gratitude, feelings, and gratitude of the alma mater will become more and more profound. We will continue to pay attention to the alma mater, support the alma mater, bless the alma mater and assist in the development of the alma mater.

Vice President Tian Jun emphasized in his conclusion that the relocation of the School History Museum is an important measure for the construction of an applied university and the cultivation of campus culture. He hopes that teachers, students and alumni will make full use of the platform of the school history museum to give full play to the cultural heritage and cultural education functions of the school history museum, and make due contributions to the construction of applied universities and the cultivation of the cultural characteristics of our school.

The heads of all departments of the school, the secretaries of party general branch and the student representatives of Grade 2018 attended the opening ceremony.