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Wishes from President Zhang Fengwu on Teacher's Day

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Dear teachers,

It’s my pleasure to celebrate this significant day with you. As the saying goes that “spring is flowery and autumn is fruitful”, time is flowing like a stream of songs. On the 65th anniversary of the founding of this university when the whole school is preparing for the review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education, we are welcoming the 34th Teacher’s Day together. Here, on behalf of the party and government leading group, I would like to extend my warmest gratitude and most affectionate blessing to all the faculty and staff who work hard in teaching, scientific research, service and management. Meanwhile, I would like to pay high tribute to the senior retired comrades who have made significant contributions to the construction and development of the school over the years.

In recent years, under the strong leadership of the party committee of the university, the faculty and staff have made remarkable achievements for our causes through their joint efforts in overcoming difficulties. Among other things, we have made great progress in “three major tasks” and “four major breakthroughs”.

It is our teaching and administrative staff who are cultivating droves of outstanding applied talents with tireless efforts and careful indoctrination. It is our teaching and administrative staff who are dedicated to making a series of innovative academic achievements with great courage of exploration. It is our teaching and administrative staff who are interpreting the spirit of “self-improvement, entrepreneurship and innovation” in our school with their perseverance, inheritance, innovation. In a word, it is your persistence and deep affection for the school and the teaching career that makes a most moving monument.

Invigorating China entails emphasizing teaching, which further requires strengthening the building of the teaching force. The theme of this Teacher’s Day is to carry forward the teachers’ morality and devote ourselves to cultivate people. This is the party and the country’s expectations for the vast number of professional educators, calling the majority of teachers to remember the mission, not forget the original intention, love work, teaching and educating people, reform and innovation, and serve the society. Sincerely I hope that all the staff do not forget the original intension, keeping in mind the mission, implementing the fundamental task of educating talents, try to cultivate the excellent builders and successors of Chinese characteristics socialism. Basing on the post, working hard, spreading knowledge, thought and truth, shaping the sole, the values and the personality of talents, we must join our efforts to enrich the connotation construction of our school and make our own contributions to this distinctive application-oriented university with great enthusiam, high spirit and a brand-new outlook.

Zhang Fengwu

The President and Deputy Communist Party Secretary

September 11, 2018